Brain Training for Riders – Andrea Monsarrat Waldo

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Unlock Your Riding Potential with Stressless Techniques for Conquering Fear, Improving Performance, and Finding Focused Calm

Regardless of age, experience, or ability, the truth is that those who ride horses often suffer from fear, anxiety, nervousness and other performance blocks. Here psychotherapist, Andrea Waldo is the expert to help

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She has been a competitive rider for over 20 years, a riding instructor for 10 and a psychotherapist for 18 with a speciality in trauma treatment and solution orientated therapy. Tapping these qualifications, Waldo developed Stressless Riding – simple, yet powerful exercises and a comprehensive set of tools to improve rider confidence and effectiveness in the saddle. Brain Training for Riders introduces these techniques, while helping equestrians understand their emotions as an interaction between their brain chemistry and their experiences.

  • Rider sport psychology from an experienced psychotherapist, competitive rider and instructor
  • Improve rider confidence and effectiveness in the saddle
  • Covers getting back on the horse, recovering from falls, injuries and other traumas
  • Includes confidence for competitors and techniques for trainers


Andrea Waldo holds a Counselling Master’s Degree, a US Eventing Association certified riding instructor and co-owner of Triple Combination Farm in Vermont, USA where she and her business partners train horses and riders and run Stressless Riding Performance Coaching workshops.

"So many riders give up riding, or suffer terribly before competitions because of being afraid. This book helps tame those fears and shows riders how to work through those problems. If you get stressed, nervous or anxious riding at home or in competition, then this is the book for you. It explains how to train your brain to handle the fear and doubt and to stay focused and calm allowing you to ride to the best of your ability. Highly recommended". - Jacqui Broderick, Horse and Pony Ireland (you can read the full review here) "It’s packed with useful tips and exercises to help you re-train your brain and help you listen to the voice of reason rather than your ‘inner lizard’. An interesting exercise in positive thinking, and definitely one for the list if you’re struggling with your riding confidence.” Sara Walker, Horse and Countryside (you can read the full review here) 'Brain Training for Riders... reveals that regardless of age, experience and ability, those of us who ride horses often suffer from fear, anxiety and nervousness - sometimes it's short term and sometimes chronic. Here, the psychotherapist tries to unravel the cause using her experience in trauma treatment and solution orientated therapy and alleviate possible blocks to successful performance. And if that sounds a little heavy - to be honest it's not. There is an easy, relaxed approach, "a quick tour of the brain" and other mindful things that prove problematic to riders (and other sportsmen) so you can learn to manage stress, understand what holds you back - and away you go!' - Wendy Parsons, The Essex Rider

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Nakladatel: Trafalgar Square (31 Jan. 2017)
ISBN: 9781570767517
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