Dressage for the Not-so-perfect Horse: Riding Through the Levels – Janet Foy

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Thousands of riders pursue the sport of dressage, and the majority do so on a budget and with the horse they already have - or quite simply, the one they can afford. This means riders are facing the challenge of mastering one of the world's most esteemed equestrian events on horses that may not be bred specifically for the task, or may not be top prospects for any number of reasons. International dressage judge and riding coach Janet Foy has ridden many different horses to the highest levels of dressage competition, and she has compiled her best tips for training and showing in one highly enjoyable book. Her expertise, good stories and good humour are destined to bring out the best in dressage riders and their "not-so-perfect" horses everywhere

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You need this book if your dressage horse:

  • Is hot and hard to settle at the beginning of your ride
  • Is lazy and hard to "rev up"
  • Is hard to get "through" and over the topline
  • Tends to travel on the forehand
  • Likes to pull with his shoulders rather than carry weight behind
  • Is nervous and spooky, focusing on anything but you
  • Is prone to loss of rhythm or cadence
  • Falls downhill or gets croup-high
  • Shows resistance
  • Tilts his head
  • Lacks submission
  • Gets "earthbound"
  • Experiences confusion during exercises

THE AUTHOR Janet Foy is currently an FEI 4* judge, USEF S Dressage judge, and USEF Sporthorse R Breeding judge. She has judged at all major shows in the US and the national championships in the UK as well as the FEI World Cup League Finals for the US, Canada and Australia. For two years she trained in the UK at the renowned Talland Equestrian Centre.

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Kategorie: Drezura
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Počet stran: 192
Nakladatel: Trafalgar Square (1 Aug. 2012)
ISBN: 9781570765094
Rozměry: 21.1 x 2.5 x 26.2 cm

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