DVD: The de Nemethy Method: A training seminar – Bertalan de Nemethy - 8 DVD set

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307 dvd the de nemethy method a training seminar bertalan de nemethy 8 dvd set
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Bertalan De Némethy developed his training techniques of horse and rider based on classical principles and his extensive experience schooling and showing horses in multiple disciplines. The precision and elegance of the “de Némethy style” is admired and emulated throughout the world today. De Némethy formulated his training techniques of horse and rider based on his Hungarian Cavalry School background and the principles of classical equitation. From this evolved the celebrated “de Némethy style,” the precision and elegance of which are emulated throughout the world today.

During his 25-year tenure as coach of the United States Equestrian Team show-jumping squad, de Némethy led the Team to sustained international triumph in 6 Olympics, 5 Pan American Games, 4 World Championships, and countless international horse shows. Teams coached by de Némethy scored victories in 144 Nations Cups, while his individual riders won no fewer than 72 international Grand Prix, 44 Championships, and hundreds of individual classes all over the world.


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8 DVD set including:

Part 1: Basic Principles of Equitation
Part 2: The Rider’s Correct Position
Part 3: The Horse on the Longe Line
Part 4: Communicating with the Horse
Part 5: Basic Training of the Horse and Rider
Part 6: A Modern Cavalletti System
Part 7: Gymnastic Training of the Horse
Part 8: Questions and Answers

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