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Kottas on Dressage is a distillation of practice and philosophy of one of the most highly regarded international trainers of the current era. Having stressed the need for the rider to establish correct posture and a thorough understanding of the aids before attempting to train the horse, the book goes on to highlight the value of establishing rapport with the horse and enhancing his mental responses and developing his physique with groundwork, before progressing to work under saddle. Following this, the text focuses on thorough, incremental development of the basic gaits, as well as including chapters on: the rider's position, training the rider on the lunge, training the horse on the ground, the walk, the trot, the canter and counter-canter, flying changes of lead at counter, the lateral exercises and piaffe and passage.

Dressage Solutions offers advice on the correct way to introduce work on the gaits, exercises and movements, together with in-depth analysis of common problems and the ways to correct them. The author makes the point that many errors are rooted in faulty posture or aiding on the rider's part. Constant emphasis is placed on the need to be mindful of the horse's mental and physical ability to cope with what is being asked for him. Dressage Solutions takes the reader through many stages of training, from ensuring that the basic gaits are correct, through introducing the lateral exercises, developing the canter, rein-back, piaffe and passage, to a final chapter that explains some of the long-established movements of the High School. This is a journey that will provide much food for thought, and a great deal of invaluable advice, for all riders who have progress and their horse's well-being at heart.  

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Arthur Kottas - accepted as an Eleve (trainee) in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna in 1960, he rose rapidly under the tutelage of Colonel Alois Podhajsky to become the youngest ever First Chief Rider in 1981 and in 1983 Riding Master. From 1995 until retiring from the School in 2002 he was First Chief Rider. Kottas is a ride and trainer of the highest international repute and has successfully trained many horses and riders up to Olympic standard.

Andrew Fitzpatrick has ridden and trained for over 30 years worldwide. He was both a BSJA course builder and joint organiser of horse trials. He became involved with Training the Teachers of Tomorrow (TTT) Trust in 1988 and through the Trust began training with Arthur Kottas. Since then he has worked with Arthur Kottas regularly including on the text of Kottas on Dressage.

'This book is quite amazing! It is full of superb photographs and illustrations and is so obviously a product of a lifetime of experience and expertise written and presented in such an easy-to-read way...Even if you don't compete in dressage competitions, there are many pages in this book which are relevant to just riding, showing or flatwork for jumping.' Equestrian Life

'This is a journey that will provide much food for thought, and a great deal of invaluable advice, for all riders who have progress and their horse's well-being at heart.' BHS

'This book will be inspirational to all classicists and those aspiring to the art...The book is set out in a very clear, concise way. As the title suggests it deals with problems often encountered at most stages of training, in most cases giving a blueprint of how things should be; how they can go wrong; followed by solutions.'  Tracking Up

'Simple, clear, and unfussy, Dressage Solutions is the reference i'll be turning to for advice in tackling all those little (or not-so-little) training quandaries.' US Dressage Federation Connection

Kottas on Dressage is filled with the classical training tradition of the Spanish Riding School (SRS) of Vienna by an impeccable authority, the former First Chief Rider. This knowledge has not always been accessible to the public at large.  It is my understanding that after hundreds of years in practice, this school of riding is not written down anywhere, but passed on orally from experienced riders to the trainees, to avoid error.  Having it at hand in a book, one that is beautifully organized and highly readable, is a great privilege.  There are various reasons why I loved this book, but a main one is its extraordinary clarity, in part a result of that organization.  As it progresses from the basics of starting a young or green horse to the ultimate piaffe and passage, I never once had to go over a sentence repeatedly, trying to figure out 'what did he mean by that?'  Every sentence is clear and precise and made me appreciate the mind from this this book originated as having a compassionate and deep understanding of the equine psyche... If for some reason I was forced to abandon my considerable dog-eared dressage library and was allowed to take with me only a single book, this one would be it."  Dressage Today

"Much has been written already in the 21st Century on dressage... one book that really has stood out, and in my opinion is the best to be written this century, is Kottas on Dressagepublished by Kenilworth Press. Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg surely needs no introduction. A former First Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School he is probably one of the greatest exponents of true classical dressage. He is clearly one of those who has 'walked the walk' with authority, clarity and simplicity. I particularly liked the section on the riders' position which is clearly explained, and the author gives excellent summaries at the end of each section as well as good, fault-solving tips. When Alois Podhasky's book The Complete Training of the Horse and Rider was first published in 1965 (1967 in the UK) it very quickly became a classic and is still regarded as 'the bible' in many quarters. To my mind, Kottas on Dressage equals this book and I have no doubt that it will go down as one of the classics of the 21st century. In a time when more and more people take up dressage and, in many instances, horses appear to be pushed and hurried in their training (perhaps due to a lack of patience either from a lack of knowledge or instant gratification), then many trainers, instructors and riders would do well to invest in this publication." Patrick Print FBHS, British Horse magazine

"An essential tool for riders of all abilities from riding club to Grand Prix." Horse

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