Lungeing the Rider for a Perfect Seat – Linda Benedik

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For centuries, the riders from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, have been revered around the world for their exemplary seats and impeccable equitation. Lungeing the rider is the School's tried and true method of teaching students to attain an independent seat, and they are lunged for at least six months before being allowed to take up the reins.Why is this method so consistently successful? Being lunged temporarily relieves the rider of complex and often confusing tasks, such as managing the horse's speed, direction, balance, and alignment. It reduces the very long list of riding responsibilities, enabling the rider to become organized, learn to juggle an increasing number of mounted tasks, and concentrate on his or her own balance and self-control.

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This step-by-step guide to both lungeing others and being lunged unveils the secrets behind the most beautiful - and functional - riding in the world. By combining traditional mounted exercises with yoga, conscious breath work, and hands-on bodywork, Linda Benedik's unique rider-lungeing programme helps the rider create a personal balance that leads to a deeper connection with the horse while at the same time developing a stable, correct, elegant and independent seat - every rider's goal.

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Počet stran: 248
Nakladatel: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 9780851319599
Rozměry: 21.1 x 1.8 x 27.1 cm

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