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Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, 2nd Edition – Douglass K. Macintire, Kenneth J. Drobatz, Steven C. Haskins, William D. Saxon

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Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Second Edition presents essential information on common emergencies in small animals using a concise, practical outline format.  Offering a thorough update to this classic reference, the new edition provides new chapters on orthopedic injuries and wound management, significant revisions to the treatment protocols, and expanded toxicology information, as well as new references and drug information. The book retains its logical division into two parts, the first covering initial stabilization and the second offering a systems approach to specific conditions.

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As in the previous edition, chapters are extensively indexed and cross-referenced to facilitate ease of use in emergency situations. With many formulas, tables, drug dosages, and illustrations, Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine is an indispensable, convenient resource for busy emergency clinicians, whether they are new graduates or seasoned professionals.


Douglass K. Macintire was previously Director of Intensive Care, College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Small Animal Surgery and Medicine, Auburn University and a Diplomate of ACVIM and ACVECC.

Kenneth J. Drobatz is Director, Trauma Emergency Service, and Professor and Chief of Critical Care, Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, and a Diplomate of ACVIM and ACVECC.

Steven C. Haskins is Director, Small Animal Intensive Care Unit, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, University of California, Davis and is a Diplomate of ACVA and ACVECC.

William D. Saxon is Telemedicine Consultant, IDEXX and a Diplomate of ACVIM and ACVECC.


“In summary, I highly recommend this textbook and hope it will find its way onto the bookshelf at every veterinary emergency hospital. Even those in general practice will find it very useful when that unexpected emergency patient shows up in the lobby (at 4:45 pm on a Friday, naturally)!”  (VSPN.org, 9 August 2013)

“Regardless, the second edition remains an accessible, well-written, and user-friendly text to guide practitioners in managing common small animal emergencies in any setting.”  (Vet Med Today, 15 December 2013)

Overall, the 2nd edition of SAECCM is a very practical emergency and critical care manual. It will be filling the spot in my library where my 1st edition used to sit until someone else also decided it was an excellent book.”  (Australian Veterinary Journal, 1 March 2013)

“The book would be useful in practice as a first port of call in an emergency situation, particularly for recent graduates or clinicians facing an unfamiliar case out of hours.”  (Veterinary Practice, 1 January 2013)

"Douglas M. Macintire, et.al.'s MANUAL OF SMALL ANIMAL EMERGENCY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE (9780813824734, $89.99) provides the second updated edition of a classic vet's desk reference covering common emergencies in small animals. From injuries and wound management to new chapters on revisions to treatment protocols and expanded toxicology information, this reflects the latest science and discoveries and is a 'must' emergency vet's reference, arranged in quick consultation format for fast lookup."  (Midwest Book Reviews, 1 December 2012)

“This is an informative quick reference for emergency cases, with useful tools for management. A revised and updated edition was necessary to reflect new medications and treatments.”  (Doody’s, 19 October 2012)

“The second updated edition of Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine provides key details on common emergencies in small animals and offers a new edition with completely new chapter on orthopedic injuries, wound management, and expanded toxicology information and treatment protocols. Chapters are packed with indexing and cross-references, offer a fine outline format for emergency reference, and includes tables, drug dosages, formulas and illustrations throughout. The result is a fine pick for any veterinary or animal medical reference library.”  (Midwest Book Reviews, 1 October 2012)


  • Takes a highly practical outline format, ideal for fast access in emergency situations
  • Fully updated throughout, with new and significantly revised chapters, updated reference, and current drug information
  • Guides the reader through the initial treatment, from stabilization to monitoring and intensive care
  • Provides an overview of emergency care organized by body system, including the general approach and specific treatment protocols
  • Includes formulas, tables, drug dosages, and illustrations to support the text
  • Offers an invaluable quick reference for emergency veterinarians and veterinary students


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Kategorie: Psi a kočky & malá zvířata
Jazyk: angličtina
Vazba: měkká
Počet stran: 704
Nakladatel: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012
ISBN: 9780813824734

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