Over, Under, Through: Obstacle Training for Horses – Vanessa Bee

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50 Effective, Step-By-Step Exercises for Every Rider

While many training books have explained ways to progressively "desensitize” horses in the arena, this book from horsewoman Vanessa Bee — Founder of the International Horse Agility Club and 3-Minute Horsemanship — takes the concept of teaching horses to accept what they think is terrifying out into the world around us.

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When examining any common obstacle that might scare a horse, it is usually made up of one, two, or three elements: It is either over something, like a bridge, or involves going under something, such as low branches, or you must go through, as in a gateway. To deal with such challenges, Bee has provided Six Blueprint Exercises to lay the foundation of skills you need as a trainer and a horse to go over, under, and through. Then, she takes us through 50 common scenarios—such as riding over white lines or dark shadows, or riding past farm animals or marshmallow hay bales—and illustrates with small, building-block steps and photos, what is needed to change the horse’s reaction and behaviour, assuring a smoother, safer ride down the road. With lessons explained in Bee’s trademark "keep it simple” style, Over, Under, Through: Obstacle Training for Horses is one book from which every horse and horse owner will benefit.

  • The complete guide to training horses to ‘pass common obstacles’ safely
  • Written by horsewoman Vanessa Bee – Founder of the International Horse Agility Club and 3-Minute Horsemanship
  • 50 effective step-by-step exercises for every rider enabling their horse to go over, under and through ‘the obstacle’
  • Common scenarios are discussed and illustrated with over 200 photographs

THE AUTHOR Vanessa Bee is the founder of the International Horse Agility Club (thehorseagilityclub.com). With a training facility in England and her own method known as Positive Horsemanship, she specialises in building relationships between the horse and the handler from the ground up. Vanessa has been around horses most of her life, working in racing stables, then driving competitively in her early twenties when she was given an "unrideable” racehorse as a wedding present. She soon discovered that there are many ways of teaching horsemanship. Vanessa developed a series of courses that teach people of all abilities to achieve a positive relationship with their horse. By creating the ‘Club’, she provided a social and competitive outlet for those relationships to grow. Her previous titles include 3-Minute Horsemanship (JA Allen) and The Horse Agility Handbook (Trafalgar Square). "Here's 50 common scenarios for you by the instructor who developed Positive Horsemanship and the International Horse Agility Club. So – whether it's basic stuff like being led over poles or more challenging work out on the road this book – low on heavy text but crammed full of photos, is an excellent and fascinating way to see how it's done from the ground up and why sometimes its important to do just that – train (or re-train) on the ground first." Essex Rider

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Kategorie: Horsemanship
Jazyk: angličtina
Vazba: lepená
Počet stran: 176
Nakladatel: Trafalgar Square Books (11 Nov. 2015)
ISBN: 9781570767272
Rozměry: 20.3 x 1 x 25.9 cm

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