Small Animal Bandaging, Casting, and Splinting Techniques – Steven F. Swaim, Walter C. Renberg, Kathy M. Shike

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Small Animal Bandaging, Casting, and Splinting Techniques
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Small Animal Bandaging, Casting, and Splinting Techniques is a well-illustrated how-to manual covering common bandaging methods used to support and manage both soft tissue and orthopedic conditions in small animal patients. This highly practical book offers step-by-step procedures with accompanying photographs to aid in the secure and effective application of bandages, casts, and splints, with coverage encompassing indications, aftercare, advantages, and potential complications for each technique.  Small Animal Bandaging, Casting, and Splinting Techniques is an indispensable guide for busy veterinary technicians and nurses, as well as veterinarians and veterinary students.

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Steven Swaim, DVM, is a professor emeritus at Auburn University.

Walter Renberg, DVM, DACVS, is an associate professor at Kansas State University

Kathy Shike, RVT, is a veterinary technician supervisor at Kansas State University.


“The real mainstay of this book comes in educating those inexperienced in bandage application and I believe it to be indispensable to those studying towards a veterinary nursing or veterinary undergraduate degree.”  (VN Times Veterinary Nursing Times, 1 October 2012)

"This book is a must have for veterinary nurses and technicians." (Tomorrow's Vets, 1 January 2012)

"The chapter on extremity bandaging is excellent . . . Also illustrated are body, hip, shoulder, abdomen, and head bandages. All of them clever and innovative by their design." (Vin Book Reviews, 2011)

"This is a concise and complete bandaging reference for small animal practitioners. The figures and descriptions provide clear and easy to understand instructions on bandaging, casting, and splinting the small animal patient. In addition to clear written descriptions, the book contains excellent quality step-by-step photographic depictions of bandage placement. When compared to surgery books such as the Textbook of Small Animal Surgery, 3rd edition Slatter (Elsevier, 2003), or Small Animal Surgery, 3rd edition, Fossum et al. (Elsevier, 2007), this one provides better stepwise instruction on use of both simple and more complex bandages. The quality of its photographic instructions is far superior to that of these other books." (Doody's Reviews, May 2011)


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Kategorie: Veterinární ošetřovatelství
Jazyk: angličtina
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Počet stran: 146
Nakladatel: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
ISBN: 9780813819624

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