Posture and Performance: Principles of Training Horses from the Anatomical Perspective – Gillian Higgins, Stephanie Martin

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From the author of the hugely successful titles How Your Horse Moves and Horse Anatomy for Performance comes a completely different training manual, also based on the Horses Inside Out philosophy: ‘Understanding Anatomy Improves Performance and Reduces the Risk of Injury’. Divided into three main parts: Principles of Anatomical Riding and Training; Exercises for Horse and Rider; Troubleshooting, the book contains a wealth of practical tips and exercises broken down into easy to follow, well-illustrated steps showing how riders can improve their riding skills and potential. The author suggests ways to improve horses’ physique, posture, flexibility, stability, core strength, performance and movement and how to reduce muscular and movement problems, and reduce the risk of injury.

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This beautifully illustrated book looks at how to deliver a safe, varied, fun, effective and achievable training programme. It provides all the ingredients for riders to make informed decisions to maximise their own and their horse’s potential, gain more enjoyment, satisfaction and improve their skills. Based on the principles of anatomy and biomechanics with welfare in mind learn all about:

  • Skeletal maturity
  • How to achieve good back posture
  • How stresses and strains in one part of the body affects another
  • Why some muscles become long and weak and others short and tight
  • How to reduce strain on ligaments and tendons
  • Movements to strengthen and condition muscles
  • Exercises for suppleness and core stability
  • Why pole work and gymnastic jumping benefits horses for all disciplines

In line with the other books from Horses Inside Out, Posture and Performance looks at training and management from a completely different perspective and is certainly too good to miss!

  • A practical and comprehensive riding and training guide through the understanding of how anatomy can affect performance
  • Includes practical tips and exercises broken down into easy to follow steps
  • Illustrated throughout with step-by-step diagrams and colour photographs
  • Aimed at riders, horse owners, professional therapists, trainers and instructors
  • Published to coincide with the Horses Inside Out tour

THE AUTHORS Gillian Higgins is a sports and remedial therapist, equine therapist, rider and BHS senior coach and anatomist. She regularly writes articles for equestrian magazines and is also requested to give quotes as ‘ask the expert’. She founded Horses Inside Out, an organisation which gives a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training and management from an anatomical perspective. Her previous titles include Horse Anatomy for Performance (9781446300961) and How Your Horse Moves (9781446300992). Stephanie Martin is a literacy teacher, author and editor and has worked with Gillian on her previous books.


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