Mini School: Train Your Miniature Horse to Be All He Can Be – Sabine Ellinger

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Mini School takes the training and conditioning of Minis as seriously as that of their full-size cousins – how to turn a pint-size package into a head-turning performer.  There is work on the lunge line, long reins with special instructions on the proper use of side-reins and whip cues. It covers popular tricks, in-hand dressage movements such as pirouettes, piaffe, passage and levade, lateral work and features jumping gymnastics and driving. It is filled with ideas and valuable information on how minis learn and ways to manage factors that impact your mini’s ability to learn new lessons

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  • Filled with ideas and instructions for fun ways to enjoy times with minis
  • Tools to transform your cuddly companion into a sleek well-muscled athlete and talented performer
  • Includes popular in hand tricks loved by audiences and minis alike – bowing, kneeling, sitting, lying down and rearing
  • Plus a dictionary of voice commands and tips on how to use them


Sabine Ellinger and her Minature Appaloosa, Lancelot, are known throughout Europe and Australia for their in-hand performances at shows and equine events. She lives in Murrhardt, Germany.

“I think this book fills a gap in the market. Lots of people have ‘minis’ – Shetlands, Falabellas and other miniatures just as companions for bigger horses, but as this book shows there’s lots of training to be done with these pint-size ponies in their own right. All aspects are covered, from care and nutrition to breeding, and from dressage movements to teaching tricks. All of this information is available elsewhere, but this is a comprehensive summary of everything you need to know, all in one place. I have two elderly Shetlands who are no longer ridden, but I’ll be trying some of the gentler in hand techniques from this book to keep them interested and fitter.” - Horse & Countryside "This empowering, helpful, and wonderful read will inspire Mini owners." American Miniature Horse Association 'If miniatures are your passion then this one's for you! ... possibly the first book of its kind for the increasing band of miniature horse owners. It's filled with ideas and instructions for training and working the little ones with groundwork, long-reining, lungeing and driving - doing all the movements that the bigger ponies do but on a smaller scale.' - Wendy Parsons, The Essex Rider

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ISBN: 9781570767975
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